Herefordshire Barn Owl Group 

We are a volunteer group whose aim is to increase the breeding population of barn owls, little owls and kestrels in the county of Herefordshire.  This will be achieved by providing artificial nest sites in areas with prime habitat and working with landowners to maintain that habitat for continued breeding success.  We provide a post-monitoring programme and we all work under the appropriate licenses. 

Our work includes:

-    Conducting site surveys 
-.   Erecting nestboxes for all 3 species in suitable habitat where there is shortage of natural nesting sites
-    Monitoring nestboxes and natural sites for occupation by all 3 species.
-    Monitoring all chicks, ringing all chicks and ringing adults when able.
-    Recording all biometrics, on adults and chicks.
-    Recording any prey species in boxes.
-    Analysing pellets and recording.

We give talks on survey training, ecology and biology of barn owls which can include pellet analysis workshops.

Photo 1:  Barn Owl Box installation in Woolhope, Herefordshire

Photo 2: Kestrel Box Installation at Woolhope, Herefordshire

Photo 3: Little Owl box installation, Bromyard, Herefordshire

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