Welcome to HBOG

The Herefordshire Barn Owl Group is a voluntary group working to increase the breeding populations of 3 species of raptor in Herefordshire.  The Barn Owl, Little Owl and Kestrel have all suffered declines in recent years.

Our aims are to provide nesting boxes for all 3 species and work with farmers to enhance and maintain habitat.   

A Monitoring Programme will involve monitoring the nest boxes, egg counts, taking biometrics, ringing both juveniles and adults, recording other species using the boxes and pellet analysis.

  • Barn Owl Chick

    Herefordshire Barn Owl Group ring juveniles collecting valuable data for BTO monitoring programmes

  • Little Owl

    Little Owls are also in need of our help and included in the ringing programme. 

  • Juvenile Kestrel

    Kestrel chicks are also included in the monitoring programme


    May 2014 - At the moment there are many Tawny Owl juveniles exploring the outside world.  If you find one PLEASE LEAVE IT as the female will continue to feed her brood when they leave the nest.  You can move the bird into safe cover from predators if you are worried.

Monitoring Barn Owl Box
Volunteer returning owlet safely back into the box

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