Welcome to HBOG

The Herefordshire Barn Owl Group is a voluntary group working to increase the breeding populations of 3 species of raptor in Herefordshire.  The Barn Owl, Little Owl and Kestrel have all suffered declines in recent years.

Our aims are to provide nesting boxes for all 3 species and work with farmers to enhance and maintain habitat.   

A Monitoring Programme will involve monitoring the nest boxes, egg counts, taking biometrics, ringing both juveniles and adults, recording other species using the boxes and pellet analysis.

  • Barn Owl Chick

    Herefordshire Barn Owl Group ring juveniles collecting valuable data for BTO monitoring programmes

  • Little Owl

    Little Owls are also in need of our help and included in the ringing programme. 

  • Juvenile Kestrel

    Kestrel chicks are also included in the monitoring programme

Monitoring Barn Owl Box
Volunteer returning owlet safely back into the box

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